July 30, 2019
There are some people who just love nights and I am damn sure that I am one of them.
So this is how a night feels to me…



When the sun goes west, and the sky darkens,
Fascinated I feel, as my heart I hearken.
The sky is filled with thousands of galaxies,
So is my mind with numerous fantasies.


The moon lightens up as a proprietor of sky,
And my heart gets thousands of wings to fly.
Those silent trees, swinging with the wind,
Covers my pain with peace and keeps it pinned.


Those sounds, noises of insects, just as basic,
Are not less to me than a melodious music.
Ultimate peace my soul receives,
New ideas, positive vibes my brain conceives.


Those rare moments,when there is night,
Then electricity goes and there is no fake light,
Bunches of happiness bloom inside me,
As the real beauty of sky, my eyes see.


Night comes as an end of the day.
It’s not that good, most people say.
Am I weird ? Should I change this by walking a mile?
Then my heart says, Don’t worry dear, You’re just a NYCTOPHILE!!!


Author: DHRUVA


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